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Bonsai Institute is an experience-based competence center for knowledge about nature and early childhood education. We offer courses, educations and workshops on forest and early childhood education, management and crafts and artistical expression. We invite parents and professionals and others with an interest in creating healthy surroundings for a good childhood to participate in our courses and educations. Bonsai Institute also arranges internships and receives visits from abroad.

Bonsai Institute was initiated in 2018 by Rikke Rosengren, who manages the institute on a daily basis. Maria Pi Højlund Nielsen takes care of administration and communication. Bonsai Institute has a large group of teachers and trainers that you can learn more about here.

We have many years of experience with child education in different contexts and surroundings and we offer a variety of courses and educations focusing on childhood - for parents, grandparents and professionals and others working with children. We also offer education and courses on management and staff development that adress a wide range of management forms.


We offer pedagogical courses on forest education, Waldorf education and attachment-based developmental psychology (Neufeld approach). We also offer a variety of creative workshops and courses.

Bonsai Institute receives guests and visitors, and makes arrangements for individual internships, also for international students.

Bonsai Institute offers counselling and supervision within the fields of child education, forest education and staff and management development. 

About the name Bonsai Institute

In Japanese the name Bonsai refers to a little tree. As the little tree has needs for nourishment, care, time and proper surroundings in order to grow, so the child needs a good and healthy environment throughout the entire childhood in order to develop to its full potential.