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Bonsai Institute offers a range of educations, workshops, courses and internships for parents, professionals and people working with children with an interest in creating healthy surroundings for a good and sound childhood. We also offer a management education that focuses on a deeper understanding of the concept of sustainability in management.

We have a variety of courses and educations:

  • Courses and educations for professionals and others who work with children 
  • Courses for parents and grandparents
  • Courses, educations and internships on forest education
  • Educations and courses on management and staff development
  • Creative workshops

Online seminar with
Dr. Gordon Neufeld

We are pleased to offer an online-seminar with Dr. Gordon Neufeld, incl. Q&A.

Online Forest Education Training

We also offer an online course about forest and outdoor education for preschool children. The course consists of 8 modules that takes you through different aspects of creating a friendly environment that is healthy and stimulating for children in their early years. 

The course is in English and addresses child educators, teachers and anyone curious in the benefits of nature for children: Forest education based on outdoor nursery and kindergarten: The benefits of nature and forest education for 1-7 years old by Rikke Rosengren

Blue Pearl Books

Publishes books, non-fiction and fiction, for children, parents and professionals who work with children.