Courses and educations

– within pedagogy, nature pedagogy and management

We want to share our educational experiences and enthusiasm for children’s attachment to nature with you.

4-day course in Nordic early childhood and forest education

Each year, we offer international students an opportunity to learn about the Nordic way of early childhood and forest education.


Our popular management course, Sustainable and conscious management will start again in 2023. It provides practical tools for conflict management etc.

Retraining in Steiner pedagogy

Theoretical and practical introduction to Rudolf Steiner pedagogy. For employees in Steiner kindergartens and nurseries.

Consulting and supervision

Bonsai Institute offers consulting and supervision on topics related to pedagogy, nature pedagogy, attachment theory in practice, personnel and management development.

    • We give presentations at parent meetings on subjects relating to pedagogy, nature pedagogy, attachment theory in practice, staff and management development.
    • In addition, we are happy to advise you on the establishment and operation of new nurseries or kindergartens in Denmark and abroad.
    • Please contact us if you want to visit Børneøen Bonsai.
Rådgivning og supervision

Online Forest Education Training

We also offer an online course about forest and outdoor education for preschool children. The course consists of 8 modules that takes you through different aspects of creating a friendly environment that is healthy and stimulating for children in their early years.

The course is in English and addresses child educators, teachers and anyone curious in the benefits of nature for children: Forest education based on outdoor nursery and kindergarten: The benefits of nature and forest education for 1-7 years old by Rikke Rosengren

For parents and professionals who want knowledge about…


Nature and early childhood education


Creative techniques for activities with children


Management and staff development


Educational advice and management supervision

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