About Bonsai Institute

Our program is aimed at parents, educators and others who work with children and have an interest in creating a framework for a good and healthy childhood.

In addition, we have a management education for managers in large and small institutions, municipalities and private companies. We consist of a large group of internal and external teachers.

We welcome inquiries from professionals who would like to offer a course or training in collaboration with us.

Bonsai Institute: Kurser og uddannelser
Bonsai Institute: Kurser og uddannelser

About Bonsai’s vision

Bonsai Institute’s vision is rooted in Børneøen Bonsai’s vision which is that:

“All children at Børneøen Bonsai have loving and imitative adults around them who support the unfolding of each child’s inner light.”

At the Bonsai Institute, we therefore work to spread knowledge about Scandinavian forest kindergartens, early childhood education, nature education in conjunction with Gordon Neufeld’s attachment theory. Our ambition is to inspire as many parents and professionals as possible, both nationally and internationally, so that there is fertile ground for helping young children on their way into a good and healthy childhood with peace to play and lots of nature.

About the history of Bonsai

Our pedagogical roots are nurtured by Børneøen Bonsai, a forest and Steiner kindergarten, where we work with forest, nature and toddler pedagogy in conjunction with Gordon Neufeld’s attachment theory. Our experience and enthusiasm comes from over 20 years of work, which we would like to offer to everyone who is interested in and will help lift the task to give our children a healthy and good childhood.

Bonsais’ educators were inspired by the idea of ​​building a bridge between the child’s home and the day care institution to offer a framework for a safe childhood. Demand from educators and parents has become a major educational project, with knowledge sharing and development at the center. From that, the bridge was supported by Bonsai Institute, which was founded in 2018 by Rikke Rosengren, which is our education and course center. And this is where we look forward to developing more courses around pedagogy, nature pedagogy, Gordon Neufeld’s attachment theory, management tasks and artistic topics.

The other supporting pillar in our bridge is the publisher Blue Pearl Books, which was founded by Rikke Rosengren in 2019. Here we have gathered all our pedagogical knowledge in various books, that can be used for everyday life as a professional or as parents.

Bonsai Institute: Kurser og uddannelser

About the name Bonsai Institute

In Japanese the name Bonsai refers to a little tree. As the little tree has needs for nourishment, care, time and proper surroundings in order to grow, so the child needs a good and healthy environment throughout the entire childhood in order to develop to its full potential.