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Terms of Trade

Registration and Payment

When you register for courses at Bonsai Institute the full amount is due for payment at registration. When you register for an education you have the option to make an agreement about payment in rates. 


If you regret your registration or a situation prevents your participation we Kindly ask you to cancel your registration by e-mail to 

If cancelled 30 days in advance of the education the full amount is refundable except 5% administration fee. If cancelled 29-14 days in advance of the education 50% of the full amount is refundable. If cancelled less than 14 days in advance of the education the amount payed is NOT refundable. Payments paid in rates are NOT refundable. 

Courses, workshops and lectures
If cancelled 30 days in advance the full amount is refundable except 10% administration fee. If cancelled takes place less than 30 days in advance the amount is NOT refundable. Please note that tickets paid are not refundable. If the course/event is cancelled  by the organiser the tickets are refundable. Change of location by the organiser is not reason for cancellation.   

Payments and deadlines

At registration an e-mail is sent containing an invoice and information about methods of payment. 

Payments are received by bank: 6737 / Account. no. 1229419  (Please inform the invoice number)
Or by MobilePay: 807003 "Bonsai Institute" (Name the payment with what course/workshop/education you register for)

Payments are due 14 days after billing. Payments later than due date are added an overdue fee of 100 DKK. At registration later than 14 days before the course payment is due 7 days after billing.