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Rikke Rosengren
Manager and co-funder of Børneøen Bonsai, a Waldorf nursery and forest kindergarten 

Rikke took her Waldorf teacher education in Australia and has worked and taught within child education for many years, also internationally. Rikke is the author of several books. 

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Terje Erlandsen
Manager of the Education and Culture Center at Marjatta 

Master of Management, teacher and special educator. Carries a long experience from pedagogical practice, management in Waldorf institutions and value based management.

Margrethe Gade

- Manager for 16 years

- Teaches a Diploma in Management

- Certified U-facilitator and coach

Britt Mermolja Lyster 
Waldorf teacher

Graduated in 2000 and the mother of three. During the last five years she has attended educations in attachment theory at the Neufeld Institute. Britt har translated the book "Rest, Play, Grow" by Deborah MacNamara, into Danish ("Barnets udvikling gennem tilknytning og leg"). The book takes its offset in attachment
 theory by the Canadian psychologist Gordon Neufeld.. 

Britt  teaches and gives presentations to parents and professionals based on attachement theory and personal experience from her work as a Waldorf teacher. 

Charlotte Riordan
Waldorf teacher

Waldorf teacher education at the Rudolf Steiner Børnehaveseminar, Charlottenlund and a massage therapist. Seasonal feasts and Waldorf crafts has been at her heart and a great passion for many years and she now carries 18 years of experience.

Charlotte teaches courses in seasonal crafts such as sewing dolls, window transparencies, kite paper window stars, lanterns, lamps and more.

Jette Rymer
Music Director and College Teacher

Educated as Music Director at the Royal Academy of Music at Aarhus, where she also studied the Violin for two years. Music Director (orchestra, choir, violin, recorder, ear training and more) for more than 35 years at Waldorf Schools in Denmark. Waldorf Education College Teacher for 40 years. Also teaches Special Educational Music Therapy.