Sustainable management – that adds meaning

Use your ressources for the sake of community

Welcome to a management education that supports you as a leader in setting direction while simultaneously creating dialogue with your staff and partners. 

The primary goal of this management education is to give you new tools, methods and forms of dialogue for your daily practice.  

Sustainable management uses Otto Scharmer’s Theory U and the focus on community language, relations and creation of meaning from the Systemic Method as its theoretical fundament. 

Structure of the education

Our management education will contribute with tools, methods and forms of dialogue that can enrich your daily management practice. It is our goal with the education,

that you become better at dealing with conflicts and the difficult situations

that your management communication becomes clear – that you are able to create clear messages and thus can contribute to effective changes in your organization

that you can increase motivation and co-creation, and thereby create a breeding ground for job satisfaction among employees

that you want to master a presence-oriented approach to your management practice that creates a breeding ground for sustainability in your organization

that through the education you will be strengthened and gain greater courage in the tasks in your work

The management education has its theoretical foundation in Otto Scharmer’s U-theory and in the systemic method’s focus on the community’s language, relationships and meaning creation. The theories are about how we can exercise our leadership which unites the wisdom of the heart with the rationality of the brain. We work to look at organizational learning as an expression that the strengths of the past merge with the possibilities of the future.

The education works in three coherent dimensions: An artistic, a theoretical and a practical with methods and exercises that you can take home and use.

The course consists of 7 modules of 2 days, each with its own special theme:

  1. Management and communication
  2. My personal leadership
  3. Communication in practice
  4. Conflict management
  5. Know your organization
  6. Organization and learning
  7. Leadership in relation to a sustainable future

Who can participate

Everyone involved in management in their work: Current and future leaders, group and team leaders, process leaders, deputy managers and others with management responsibilities, such as teachers, staff and other resource persons. We cater widely to both private and public companies, institutions, schools, and everyone who works with creative and developing processes.

The education can also provide great benefits for you who work with development and communication or you who have an independent company. Through the education you get the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in a meaningful network.

Language: Please note that this education is only offered in Danish.

The course is conducted in collaboration with Marjatta Education Center.

Practical information

Tuition fee: DKK 35.000 (cf. 7 x 5,000) VAT-free education

(Note that the price includes a registration fee of DKK 69, which is incl. VAT)

For individual modules, the tuition fee is 6,000.

The price is incl. teaching materials and catering, but excl. books.

The education provides a diploma as documentation of further education in management.


Skt. Johannesgården, Blegdamsvej 1B, 2200 Kbh N.

FOBU, Enghavevej 31, 1, 1674 København V

Questions should be directed to Rikke on +45 23807464 or

Terms: We refer to our terms of trade on the page here.


Margrethe Gade, cand. mag., leader of 16 years, teaches on the diploma program in management at DTU, certified U-facilitator and coach. Works i.a. as a consultant in educational institutions, including organizations with a social pedagogical purpose.

Guest lecturers, including:

Terje Erlandsen, head of the Education and Culture Center Marjatta.

Rikke Rosengren, leader and co-founder of Rudolf Steiner forest kindergarten Børneøen Bonsai, Bonsai Institute and the publisher Blue Pearl Books.

Elisabeth Halkier-Nielsen, teaches eurythmy at Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten Seminar, Charlottenlund.

Lisbeth Kolmos, doctor, PhD, former head of the Health Center Marjatta.


“I can highly recommend this management training program. The exciting, professional material is conveyed in a very lively way, and the tasks are relevant and provide not only food for thought, but also a desire to go directly back to the workplace and try out the new tools and ideas. ” Denice Valentin, Aurora Orphanage

“Every time I return to the kindergarten after an education module, I feel better equipped to handle the big and important task as a leader. Everything we learn in the education is something I can use. The teaching is very useful in daily life, and it is never boring because we alternate between theory and practice. Last but not least, it is exciting to meet others who are in the same jobs or similar jobs, so even during the breaks I learn something, or exchange and give knowledge from me . ” Githa Katrine Lyhne Pronk, Leader

“The difficult conversation and the unstructured staff meetings have given me a good picture of ​​how to constructively work with it during the management education. It is great that you, in collaboration with others, can be inspired for your own development. Thank you for creating the opportunity! ” Susan Ljungbeck Strandfelt, Kindergarten Nøkken